Lacuna UK and Ireland | ironmongery
All Lacuna's ironmongery is designed in a simple style, following a principle of 18mm diameter including handles, hinges, top roller and bottom wheel.
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All Lacuna’s ironmongery is Danish designed with a typical ‘less is more’ Scandinavian style. The simple and crisp design adheres to the strict principle of 18mm diameter. This goes for handles, hinges, top rollers and bottom wheels.


To prevent rusting in harsh seafront locations Lacuna, uses as a standard, marine-grade materials for all the elements including handles, hinges, screws and strike plates.


All secondary panels on the bi-fold door sets have a handle which locks the individual panel upwards into the top frame and downwards into the threshold. The master door has a lock (from Ruko/Assa) and two manual locks at the top and the bottom.


For projects with swimming pool areas with chlorine filled air, Lacuna is also able to offer suitable bi-fold door solutions. Please ask for further information regarding this.


For information regarding the security on Lacuna bi-fold doors please follow the below link