Lacuna UK and Ireland | Configurations for Lacuna bi-fold doors
Lacuna folding door are manufactured to individual measurements with a width up to 6m and a height up to 2.7m, with a choice of outward and inward folding.
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The Lacuna folding door is manufactured to individual measurements with a width of up to 6m and a height of up to 2.8m.


The max width of the panels are set at 900mm for triple glazing and 950mm for double glazing.  The reasons for these width (weight) restrictions are as follows:

1)      Larger (heavier) doors can be be difficult to handle and if for example a child or elderly person was caught up in a larger door in a gale, they could get injured.

2)     Lacuna likes to be sure that their doors can last for 50 or more years. However, if using very heavy panels, the strain on the hinges (in spite of being made from 5mm marine graded steel) may in the long term potentially compromise the functionality of the doors.


For all types of Lacuna bi-fold doors, there is a choice between outward and inward folding. We usually recommend outward going doors in exposed areas, as this gives 100%  water tightness at the threshold.


All folding doors have one master door, which can work independently of the other doors should this be required. The master door can either be the single panel attached to the side frame or the last one in a sequence of folding panels. The possible master doors are indicated with an orange in the gallery below.


The different configurations depend on the number of panels, and all works in odd numbers. For examples of configurations see our Library page.